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Trailer King Builders Case Study

A highly successful solution Top Floor Marketing implemented to help Trailer King Builders duplicate their sales in less than a year.

About the Client

Trailer King Builders provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to visualize and design their ideal mobile kitchen and make their dream a reality. They are skilled in the fabrication, assembly, and creation of beautiful mobile kitchens, food trucks, and concession trailers.

Their ultimate goal is to roll out a beautiful mobile food business in record time to allow you to spread happiness with your menu!

All their trucks and trailers are built specifically to their client’s needs and goals.


Almost two years ago, Trailer King Builders reached out to TFM looking for an effective strategy that would help them simplify their sales methods and process.

Trailer King Builders sales representatives used to take at least one hour if not more only trying to quote the client’s build-up; they started to notice they needed to cut down the time between quoting a potential client and knowing our prices and their investments.


To start filtering out the people and potential clients they were talking to, we created a Quote Tool, allowing their clients to:

Instantly understand customization prices

Select the equipment they want

Schedule an appointment to meet our site or sales representatives

Choose the type of build-up they get

The characteristics of their final product

Trailer King Builder Clients Reviews


After a matter of six months, once we created and implemented the tool, Trailer King Builders realized they:

Doubled their revenue

Enhance ROI

Increased quality leads

Optimized operations and staff time management

Saved clients lots of time

Improved user experience

Client Review

If TFM is showing you a tool that can transform your sales, you need to do it!

Patrick Bolaños
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