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The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal Case Study

How The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal used Top Floor Marketing’s Google Ads strategy and expertise to boost qualified calls.


Six years ago, The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal was struggling with acquiring qualified calls through their Google Ads campaign. They were getting around 5 calls a day, but these calls were not qualified leads. This led to frustrations since budget was being spent with no positive results.

As we do with many companies, Top Floor Marketing reached out to The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal and they decided to give us a chance after we proposed an enticing strategy for their junk removal Google Ads campaign.

To achieve our goal we made some precise changes, primarily making the website mobile responsive to capture mobile audiences, making sure the right bids were set, installing tracking tools in the website, and making sure the campaign had the proper structure and relevance from keyword to ads. Six years later, The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal went from a 50-75k a year company to a 450k+ a year company, and still growing.

The Pick Up Artist
Junk Removal


Making the Website Mobile Responsive

Since the website was not mobile responsive, the campaign was losing out on capturing the thousands of searches done through mobile devices. This necessary change proved effective because now, the website could finally adjust to mobile phones, and consequently the call volume increased.

Bid Adjustments

The bids for this campaign were not relevant to the ongoing costs in this area. They were too low and thus not competitive enough. By adjusting the bids, the ads became more competitive and more visible, and this led to more calls.

Campaign Structure

Initially, this campaign lacked a proper structure. There was no relevance from keyword to ads. By re-structuring the campaign with strict Ad Groups, Keywords and Ads, we finally created the relevance the campaign needed and the Quality Score increased, thus lowering the CPC and giving us better Ad Position in a search.

Tracking Tools

Simply put: If you don’t track your keywords, you’re throwing your money away. Tracking allows us to see what keywords are converting and which aren’t. This was key in the turn-around for The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal, since it allowed us to adjust and build the campaign to what was actually converting.

Key Metrics

Increase In Year

From an average of 50 k to 75 k yearly, we
have increased its revenue by up to 450 k
and growing

Conversion Rate Yearly

Since 2017 we have mangaged to have a
conversion rate above 32% on a yearly

Decreased Avarage CPA
by 7 times (Or 700%)

We got to decrease the cost per
acquisition from 150.24 to 19.62 per lead

Client Review

Our company has been using Top Floor Marketing, and James specifically, for over 6 years.  When we came to James for help with our Google Ads, we were in our second year and stagnant on Google searches.  Since then, we’ve been using James as a sound board for web page ideas, marketing strategies, and internet related searches, specifically for our industry. And the bottom line is, our company has continued to multiply in gross revenue every year. We didn’t think it was possible, and certainly was not possible for us to do on our own.  Over the years, we’ve never lost the one-on-one dedication we’ve always received from James and the rest of the Top Floor team that helped us grow and break the glass ceiling we thought was there. You want communication, dedication to your business, and ideas without pressure? Top Floor Marketing is the company to promote your company.

Dennis Gomes
The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal

The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal


The Pick Up Artist Junk Removal’s Google Ads campaign is not an exception. There are many junk removal campaigns out there that need help, and sometimes they don’t have the time or the knowledge to achieve their goals. But with a proper website, sufficient daily budget, patience, communication, and a knowledgeable campaign manager, junk removal campaigns can thrive and provide the desired results.

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