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Survival Tips for Businesses Operating During the COVID-19 Pandemic

1.  General Safety Measures

Constant safety measures are crucial for businesses still operating, and for those who will reopen soon.

2. Inform Your Customers

Clients are valuable, especially now that the economy has taken a hit, so don’t be negligent, keep customers informed on the status of your operations, safety measures being taken, the fastest way to reach you, and where to find updates. We recommend you start with:

      • Emails: Personalize emails. Be empathetic. We are ALL affected one way or another.
      • Voicemail Greeting: Provide essential info or any online platforms you’re using for updates.
      • Social Media Profile: Create a permanent post highlighting your COVID-19 response or links to it on your website.
      • Your Physical Location: If you have a physical location, let everyone know the preventive measures being taken at the place.
      • Your Website’s Homepage: Let clients know you’re on top of the situation. This can be reflected through a simple notification bar, a link to a COVID-19 page, or a full-page rework (this will depend on the nature of your business).

3. Marketing and Messaging Adjustments

COVID-19 has forced us to take a new direction in consumer needs and business goals. Stay relevant and considerate by adjusting your marketing strategies and messaging. Some of the things you can do are:

      • Ensure all CTAs are relevant to the strategies taken during this pandemic. For example, ‘Visit Us Today’ can be changed to ‘Contact-Free Delivery’.
      • We don’t know how long this pandemic will last, so verify any scheduled automated content or emails such as Holiday Offers.
      • Do you have several listings online? If so, Google My Business should be a priority since people rely heavily on Google. For more information on Google My Business during COVID-19, check out their COVID-19 Guidance Page.

Bonus Tip: If you need to continue marketing but lack the budget, Google is issuing ads credits to small and medium-sized businesses. You can learn more here.

4. Working from Home

It’s not easy keeping tabs on all employees who are working from home. So to maintain output, morale, and connectivity during the pandemic, we recommend the following tools:

      • Google’s Free Apps: (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc.) Extremely reliable and user friendly.
      • A CRM: The more relevant to your business’ operation and goals, the better. Many CRMs offer different features. Pick the best one for your company. Ensure that even remotely, tasks are getting done on time and effectively.

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