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We are a full-service digital marketing agency created with the end goal of helping your business succeed. We can take care of everything and anything related to your digital advertising efforts, and we’d love to do so.

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Search Engine Optimization
Management Packages

  • $ 100
    • New Landing Pages/Blog Posts per Month
    • Technical Optimization
      • Code Minification (HTML, CSS, & JavaScript)
      • Cache Optimization
      • Image Optimization
      • Search Engine Indexing (Google & Bing)
      • Fix Connection Errors (4XX and 5XX)
    • Mobile Optimization
      • Development of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) website version
    • GoogleMyBusiness Management
      • Post New Content Developed & Update Images
    • Content Optimization
      • Meta-Data Optimization (meta-descriptions & meta-titles)
      • Addition of LSI Keywords
      • Competitor’s Organic Keywords Analysis
    • UX/UI Optimization
      • Mobile Responsiveness, Call-to-Actions (buttons & links)
      • Aesthetic Changes (Colors, Fonts*, Margins, Layout)
    • Structured Data Optimization
    • Tracking, Reporting & Admin Tasks
      • Google Analytics Tracking Installation
      • Hotjar Tracking Installation
      • Security Updates & Maintenance
      • Monthly SEO Performance Reports
      • Monthly Website Back-up
      • Monthly Client Call (to review reports and content)

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Search engines are the go-to tool whenever we need to find an answer for anything. So much so that 3.8 million search queries are generated per Google’s users every minute, if we do the math, that’s roughly 5.4 billion searches every day!

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