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Moz vs SEMrush: What SEO Tool Should You Use?

Promoting your brand isn’t as difficult and tedious as many think it might be when you have a proper guide and adequate tools. If you’re about to take a chance with SEO, you might have already considered using an SEO tool but if you’re here, you might still be unsure which one will suit you best.

Essentially, an effective tool for SEO is the one that will provide everything you need for every step of the process, meaning it has to help you develop a strategy based on data and monitor the strategy to improve and get results. With the proper tool, you’ll be able to rank higher, get more traffic, improve leads, and engage with your clients to skyrocket your business.

What You Really Need to Know About Moz & SEMrush.

A couple of the most popular tools today for SEO are Moz and SEMrush. They are known for being easy to manage and use, but are they really effective for you?

It can be frustrating when you can’t make up your mind and you just can’t seem to find useful information that clears everything out, it can even leave you more confused instead, but there’s no need for you to feel that way.

We’ve simplified all this information for you and gathered the most important aspects about each of these tools, so you can have a clear and straightforward guide to them so this won’t hold you back from taking the next step in your digital marketing efforts. We’ll help you submerge in the world of SEO without drowning. Our vast experience and advice will be your life saver!

Moz: Elemental & Competent.

Moz started with SEO consultations, which we think is great as their customer service and auditing tools are excellent and we’re sure most beginners will find them helpful. In fact, Moz is the perfect starting point for SEO, especially if you’re on a budget.

Moz offers elemental features for SEO such as a site explorer to analyze from your profile, keyword explorer to find the best keywords for your content, link explorer, rank tracker, and more.

Moz offers a monthly subscription for $99.00 a month to get access to advanced features, however, you can do very well with the free tools or find other tools at diverse prices, so you might want to assess carefully if you wish to pay for the additional features. Even if you use other SEO tools, some Moz features are great compliments for any SEO campaign.

Moz is guaranteed to be an efficient tool for beginners, especially small businesses and, if you want to start with it, you can absolutely get your website ranked.

SEMrush: Robust & Dynamic

SEMrush is one of the most popular tools for SEO. The subscription at SEMrush costs the same as Moz ($99.95) and the features you pay for are really worth it. You can even pay for more advanced features.

Among the common features, we have organic keyword research which has excellent capabilities, website tracking, traffic analytics, domain keyword analytics, and backlink tracking to name a few along with available reports and historical data. It even counts with PPC features that are a top choice among many users.

One of the main highlights of SEMrush is that it provides a panoramic view and insights on SEO. Overall, these tools are great for deeper analysis since there’s pretty much a goldmine of reliable data to work with, which is the resource of any rich content. Some might consider this huge amount of data overwhelming, however, it has various filters. That way, you’re getting access to everything but will only see and use the data that’s relevant to you.

Another key feature of SEMrush is that it contains a feature that alerts you of on-site errors and offers quick SEO fixes. It aids a lot with your website’s health. By using this tool, you will be highly competitive and have an edge when comparing yourself against your direct competitors because it actually has features to look at what they’re doing. You can see what’s working well for them and aspects that you were missing on with your SEO strategy that could be a valuable asset to attain your marketing goals. SEMrush, just as its name states (Search Engine Marketing), will help you merge your SEO optimization efforts with your online marketing efforts because its tools are designed for that. SEMrush is considered to be better for bigger companies or businesses but this doesn’t mean it’s harder to use for smaller businesses. It just means you get more information and tools to work with for deeper engagement.

It is almost evident that SEMrush grants unlimited SEO potential for either small or large businesses so it is suitable for anyone and it can do a lot for you if you do choose to work with it.

Making The Best Decision

Now that you know more about SEMrush and Moz, you can identify the one that adjusts to your needs and provides what you’re looking for. In the end, your choice will depend on what your personal preference is and what you feel most comfortable using, but hopefully, we’ve helped you learn more about the potential of each of these tools and you can always switch if you’re not pleased with the other.

Regardless of what you decide to use, the most important thing is to take advantage of the data and what each of these tools can give to develop a great SEO strategy that will help you increase your reach.

If you’re still curious about SEO or have any further doubts, we invite you to contact us and we’ll be pleased to attend to your concerns, after all, we’ve worked with many businesses and helped them grow with digital marketing like never before. We are certain we’ll find a solution for you.

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