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Atlas Junk Removal Case Study

A Google Adwords Success Story in Boosting Qualified Calls with Top Floor Marketing’s Strategy. Join us to learn a Google Ads case study and discover how Atlas Junk Removal transformed their business and boosted their qualified calls with the help of Top Floor Marketing’s expertise in Google Adwords..


Atlas Junk Removal faced the challenge of acquiring a consistent call flow within their monthly advertising budget. They struggled to balance their budget while generating enough calls to make financial sense.

Top Floor Marketing presented Atlas Junk Removal with an excellent Google Ads campaign strategy, and they decided to give us a chance.

Our goal

Maximize qualified calls without exceeding the monthly advertising budget. To achieve this, we implemented precise changes that made all the difference:

Strategic keyword bidding: We ensured the correct keyword bids were set, optimizing for maximum visibility and relevance.

Experimentation with keyword match types: By identifying the best-performing keyword variations for traffic and conversion rates, we doubled the number of calls within the same monthly budget.

Website tracking tools: We installed essential tracking tools to monitor keyword performance, guaranteeing the campaign had the proper structure and relevance from Keyword to Ad.

Top Floor Marketing

Atlas Junk Removal

Initially, this campaign needed a proper structure. There was no relevance from keywords to ads. By re-structuring the campaign with strict Ad Groups, Keywords, and Ads, we finally created the relevance the campaign needed, and the Quality Score increased, thus lowering the CPC and giving us a better Ad Position in a search.

Tracking Keywords was essential in the turn-around for Atlas Junk Removal since it allowed us to adjust and build the campaign to what was converting and what wasn’t.

The campaign bids were irrelevant to the ongoing costs in this area. They needed to be higher and more competitive. Adjusting the bids made the ads more visible, leading to more calls and better results.

Keyword Match Types were crucial in identifying which keyword variation worked best regarding traffic and conversion rates. Once applied and determined, the campaign started getting double the call amount for the same monthly budget.

Key metrics


Their monthly revenue skyrocketed from 25K-30K to 45K-55K+ giving the company a 81.8% of growth in revenue.

More phone

By optimizing their campaign, we achieved double the number of calls without increasing their monthly budget. (230%)

conversion rate

We boosted the campaign’s conversion rate by an impressive 145.26%, resulting in higher overall performance.


Atlas Junk Removal adwords case study success with Google Ads is not an isolated case. Many junk removal campaigns require expertise and strategies to thrive and deliver desired results. With proper campaign management, businesses can achieve substantial growth and increased sales.

Client Review

“James and the Top Floor Marketing team have been instrumental in our business’s immense growth over the past three years. Their quick response to our questions, budget adjustments, and ad revisions, along with their easily understandable monthly reports, have been valuable. Thanks to Top Floor Marketing, we have seen a monthly increase in sales of $15,000-$20,000!”

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